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The 4 Key Basic Survival Tips for the Outdoors

These days, outdoor activities such as trailing, hiking and camping are at an all-time high. As such the demand for wilderness survival has increased as well. It is important for people who are heading out for a trip to the outdoors—especially the ones who are doing so for the first time—to learn about basic survival skills.

Most of the camping sites and nature parks meant for tourists have clearly marked directions. However, it is not unheard-of that tourists get out of the trail somehow and end up lost in the wild. With basic knowledge on how to survive, you can deal with any problems that may arise while you are in the wild.

So here are a few basic survival tips that will prove to be very useful indeed when you find yourself facing the immense challenge of surviving in the outdoors. These tips will also ensure that you will know what to do in order to find your way back to civilization.

BackpackerWhere are You Going?

First of all, make it known to your friends & family members where you will be going, and for how long you will be out. It is essential that you let them know when to expect you back so that in case if you do not show up as expected, they would be alerted that something might have gone awry. Hence, if you end up being stranded in the middle of nowhere, you will immediately be rescued because your location is known to your loved ones.

The people close to you can notify the authorities that you are missing and the search area can be narrowed down if they can pinpoint precisely where you were supposed to go. Even if you are left to fend for yourself in the wilderness, your family and friends can immediately alert people and rescue you from your predicament.


Secondly, you have to know how to find shelter. When you are lost in the wild or in the jungle, it is important for your survival to find shelter that provides adequate protection from wild animals and harsh weather conditions.

One of the most challenging things to face while outdoors, is the exposure to cold temperature, especially at night. Even in hot or humid areas, the temperature could drop dramatically at night. Therefore, make sure to find a shelter that’ll keep you warm. Having a shelter with a roof will keep out the rain. You do not want to get caught outside in the wild at night with your clothes wet. The cold can be very life threatening. You might not have a means to build a fire so make certain to keep your clothes dry.

Also be smart about not veering too far away from your makeshift shelter when you search for food & water. Make sure you know your way back. At the very outset, to avoid getting lost, don’t wander off too far from your campsite if you are not confident about your ability to find your way back.


Another important element for wilderness survival is to know how to build a fire and get it going. Before deciding to camp or hike outdoors, learn a few basic strategies on how to build a fire in the wild. A fire can keep you warm, protect you from wild animals, and you also have a means of cooking the food that you hunt or find.

Moreover, the smoke from the fire can alert rescuers and search teams to your location. Once you get a fire going, you have to nurture it and keep it burning because you might not be able to make one again.

Water and Food

Of course, it is vital to know how to find food & water while lost in the wood. This is the key to survival, especially water. Make sure that your backpack has a few staple food stuff as well as water, canned foods, and some other basic survival tools like a can opener and a pocket knife.

Once you have consumed what you brought, you need to find a water source. Make certain that the water is clean. Drink lots of water to avoid dehydration, and try to stay healthy and energized as much as possible while waiting for rescue.

Final Thoughts

Lastly, you must remember that while you are lost in the outdoors, you must stay calm. Try not to be scared or angry or frustrated when you get lost. If you keep calm and clear-headed you will be able to focus your efforts on being found or finding your way back.

These are some fundamental survival tips and they are very doable. Keep these guidelines and recommendations in mind the next time you go trail-walking, hiking, or camping.


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